Darleen Tana’s evidence changed over course of inquiry, investigation finds

An investigation into what a former Green MP knew about worker exploitation claims says her evidence changed over the course of the inquiry with different explanations as to why.

The review looked into what Darleen Tana knew about the allegations of unpaid wages and visa breaches at her husband’s business, what she did about them and what steps she took to inform the Greens.

A leaked page from the report by lawyer Rachel Burt also says Tana’s husband Christian Hoff-Neilsen gave evidence that tended to obfuscate rather than elucidate.

During the investigation, further claims came to light and the terms of reference were expanded to include what Tana knew about those.

Burt said the investigation had been complicated and took longer than expected for a number of reasons.

The two original complainants initially did not want to meet with her and many people who had relevant information did not want to be involved in the inquiry.

She said one of the complainants representatives decided to sent her over 500 pages of new information just as she was finalising her draft report last month.

Burt said as an independent investigator for the Green Party she did not have any statutory powers to compel witnesses to speak with her or provide documentation.

As a result she had to rely on people’s willingness to take part.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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