Electricty Authority to launch new price and service comparison website

The Electricty Authority is ramping up its efforts to get consumers to switch to cheaper and better power suppliers.

The sector regulator currently funds the Powerswitch website run by Consumer NZ but it said consultation showed people wanted an improved service.

It is planning to launch a website for consumers to make better price and service comparisons between energy companies and competing power plans.

Market policy general manager Andrew Millar said the service needed to be easier to use, innovative and reliable.

“Some of the key enhancements that we will be exploring include improvements to the usability and accessibility of the website, establishing sort of public-based accountability metrics, for example minimum service requirements, and also including the ability to compare a wider range of plans than they can do currently.

“We’re looking to provide consumers with more options and more ability to benefit from the innovative services and products that are coming to the market. We really want consumers to be able to maximise their electricity use by having as much choice as possible over their provider and the services they get from them.”

People would still be able to switch companies and plans through the new website, Millar said.

It was important consumers had access to the right information to get the most out of their power use, he said.

“Consumers and power companies both see the benefit of this service… More competition and more switching leads to better outcomes for consumers.”

The Electricity Authority is tendering for website providers and hopes to have it up and running by 1 July, 2025.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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