Got a gripe? New awards will shame under-performing businesses, products

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but in this case, that’s exactly what Consumer NZ is trying to achieve.

So if you have ever bought something, only to get it home and think… yeah, nah this doesn’t work, you might have something to contribute.

Consumer New Zealand is looking for nominations for its inaugural Yeah, Nah Awards to highlight the worst products and services in the country.

It is hoped the awards will put pressure on poor-performing brands and companies to up their game.

Consumer’s head of advocacy and research Gemma Rasmussen said this would not be the accolade any chief executive would want to receive.

“But year after year, we receive thousands of complaints about products and services that don’t meet consumer expectations.”

Consumers who wanted to complain have until 15 July to make a nomination for the awards via Consumer’s website.

Rasmussen said there was no concern too big or small to be considered.

“Maybe your favourite spaghetti used to be really great on toast with cheese and now its super watery, more like a soup consistency, or your favourite packet of biscuits has shrunk by 25 percent.

“It could be something a little more serious, like your bank is hitting you with really high administration fees which probably aren’t justified.

“Or maybe you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a fridge and it’s not cooling your food properly.

“Whatever your gripe, don’t feel too shy about coming forward, because if it’s annoying you, it’s probably annoying someone else.”

A team of Consumer investigators will determine which nominees were bad enough to be good contenders based on the awards’ judging criteria.

It said it was also open to looking at international brands.

Winners will be announced on 22 October.

“Yes, there will be actual trophies, and no, this publicity is not good publicity.”

Rasmussen said she has a sneaking suspicion that those who earned the top spots might not show up to collect their awards.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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