PM in Tokyo: Rockets deals, NZ produce and tiny dogs

The Prime Minister went on a whirlwind trip around Tokyo today, attending events ranging from space deals to export produce to tiny fashion dogs.

Christopher Luxon is cracking through his three-day trade mission to Japan, after a wobbly start when the defence force plane broke down in Papua New Guinea.

The Boeing 757 is back up and running, and is expected to carry Luxon and his business delegation back to New Zealand early on Thursday.

Luxon was there to see Rocket Lab sign a record deal with Japanese satellite company Synspective for 10 electron launches off the Mahia Peninsula.

He then visited a Costco store to see New Zealand produce including salmon, kiwifruit, apples and cookies on the shelves.

Christopher Luxon at Costco Tokyo

The Prime Minister’s objectives for the trip are threefold: boost existing business, promoted international investment and develop his relationship with his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida.

He also toured a frigate at the Yokosuka Naval Base today, where he announced New Zealand will do more to support North Korea sanctions monitoring on a Japanese frigate.

The Prime Minister has visited Japan and tried sushi made using NZ seafood

It is part of a concerted effort to be seen to be doing more with defence in an increasingly-contested Indo-Pacific region.

“This is a real uplift in the number of assets that we’re deploying to support this important mission; one which is vital for supporting the stability of the Indo-Pacific,” he said.

Luxon rounded off the day by meeting some local dogs at a New Zealand pet food store, eating sushi with Japanese celebrities and meeting Japan’s defence minister.

Luxon - Japan with Japanese Defence Minister

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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