Police responding to ‘incident’ at Westfield Marion Shopping Centre in Adelaide

South Australia Police said a group of brawling males led to a lock down at Westfield’s Marion Shopping Centre in Adelaide’s south-west on Sunday afternoon.

Police received reports of “two groups of young males fighting in the food court area of the centre.”

“Some people in the group were reported to have weapons”, the statement said.

“As a result of the incident, centre management activated an audible alert and evacuation alarm, and the centre went into lock down.”

SA Police say they used multiple police resources including STAR Group officers to search for the two groups.

“A thorough search of the centre was conducted including rooftops however the groups involved were not located,” police said.

“Several shoppers who sought refuge in shops were safely escorted from the centre.”

“Police are satisfied that there is no ongoing threat to the community.”

Numerous patrols are attending the scene and police have urged the public to avoid the area.

The SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) has told the ABC that paramedics are treating two patients for non life-threatening injuries.

A woman in her 70s has suffered a shoulder injury and a person in their 30s has suffered a knee injury, SAAS said.

SAAS said one of the patients is being transferred to the Flinders Medical Centre for treatment.

Authorities have erected fences around the shopping centre.

Wendy, who was locked down inside Woolworths while speaking to the ABC, said she was at the check-out getting ready to leave the store when the shutters came down.

“There was an announcement saying there was an incident with weapons in the mall, and that the mall was in lockdown as a result,” she said.

“It was all pretty fast, the shutters came down really quickly, I didn’t even realise they were coming down because I was at the check-out and next thing I look up and the whole store was shut.

“The Woolworths staff have periodically updated us throughout the ordeal with information, but they don’t have a lot of information.”

The incident comes several months after six people were killed in a mass stabbing at a Sydney mall.


According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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