Privacy Policy

This digital privacy policy outlines Kiwimediapost’s data collection practices and how they handle personal and non-personal information on their digital platforms. Kiwimediapost aims to collect as little information as possible to serve its audience better, and they promise never to sell their users’ data. They only share personally identifying information in specific cases, such as job applications, surveys, newsletter subscriptions, or formal complaints.

Information Collected:

Personal Information: This is collected when users provide it voluntarily. Examples include job application details (stored by Phoenix recruitment), survey responses (stored by, newsletter subscribers’ information (stored by, and formal complaints (stored by Microsoft and Amazon Web Services).

Other Information: Kiwimediapost collects non-personal usage information that cannot identify individuals. This includes IP addresses (potentially disclosed to law enforcement if required), operating system and browser details, search engine information, date, time, length of interactions, geographical location (up to city level), and URLs of visited pages/screens.

Data Stored in Browsers and Devices:

Kiwimediapost uses cookies and browser storage for the online audio player and app functionalities, but these methods do not identify users or interfere with their devices. Third-party services mentioned may also store usage information on users’ devices/browser.

Purpose of Data Collection:

Kiwimediapost collects personal information to deliver services (e.g., newsletters), improve services (monitoring technical errors, identifying popular content), assist in organizational administration (e.g., recruiting staff), and meet the requirements of their charter, including providing statistical information to the NZ Government. They also use this data for statistical analysis, reporting, and content/performance improvements.

Storing and Disclosing Information:

Kiwimediapost stores information on various services such as Google Analytics, Nielsen Online SiteCensus, Chartbeat, Google Firebase, and others for usage tracking, performance measurement, and analysis purposes. Technical information is stored on Kiwimediapost controlled servers in data centers and other services like,, Fastly Inc, and/or Amazon Web Services.

Disclosure of Information:

Non-identifying information may be disclosed to stakeholders (government bodies involved in funding), the public (via Audience Research on their website).

Contact information:


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