1 hour ago

    Education Ministry workers on tenterhooks awaiting job cuts news

    Education Ministry staff have told RNZ about their crippling anxiety as they and Oranga Tamariki…
    3 hours ago

    OJ Simpson death: Who was he, was he ever convicted, and why was he acquitted?

    The story of Orenthal James – “OJ” – Simpson is about a fallen hero. The…
    7 hours ago

    Tauranga to hold local body elections in July for first time in four years

    It has been four years since Tauranga had a council but the city will finally…
    9 hours ago

    Russia, Germany, UK urge restraint as Iranian threat puts Middle East on edge

    Russia, Germany and Britain urged countries in the Middle East to show restraint and Israel…
    13 hours ago

    Compromised stopbanks pose ongoing risk for Spring Creek residents

    Residents in the small town of Spring Creek, north of Blenheim, did not have to…
    15 hours ago

    Taylor Swift: Artist’s music back on TikTok after dispute

    Taylor Swift’s songs are back on TikTok following a dispute that led her label to…
    19 hours ago

    RSA reverses course on poppies thanks to big donation

    Nearly 1000 veterans’ graves in Dannevirke will again be marked with poppies this year after…
    21 hours ago

    AUKUS, Gaza on agenda during Winston Peters-Antony Blinken talks in Washington

    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters and US Secretary of State have agreed there are powerful…
    1 day ago

    Auckland lodge fire: Caravan user forced to stick to one set of clothes

    Just a fence separates the two meters between Ison da Silveira and all of his…
    1 day ago

    OJ Simpson, NFL star acquitted in ‘trial of the century’, dies aged 76

    By Graeme Baker, in Washington for BBC News. OJ Simpson, the former American footballer who…
      December 14, 2023

      US sanctions Marshall Islands elected leaders for corruption

      [autho:giff_johnson] The United States issued a travel ban against two members of the Marshall Islands parliament for corruption it says…
      2 weeks ago

      Government cuts will hit Pasifika communities hard – union

      The government’s “brutal” spending cuts that will see the size of the Ministry for Pacific Peoples slashed by 40 percent…
      October 21, 2023

      Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption depleted 5% of ozone layer in some regions

      New research has found the eruption of Tonga’s Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano in 2022 shot out an unprecedented amount of…
      December 21, 2023

      UN agency waiting to hear from Kiribati govt on judge suspensions

      A United Nations Special Rapporteur has castigated the Kiribati Government for its treatment of judges and the country’s judicial crisis.…
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