CNMI legislature beefing up security following rock-throwing incident

Legislative Bureau director Perry John P Tenorio said a rock was reportedly thrown at Babauta’s office window in July 2023, where the security camera was installed.

The camera was reportedly stolen.

No one has been arrested or charged over the incident.

Tenorio said the vandalism made it clear urgent enhancements to security measures are needed.

The upgrade is expected to cost around 20-thousand-US-dollars.

“This included installing security cameras a round and within the building,” he said.

Tenorio said the total cost for the surveillance upgrade amounts to approximately $20,000, primarily sourced from the fiscal year 2023 general funds.

Perry informed the Senate and House of Representatives the Legislature is currently in the final stages of implementing the last phase of their security enhancement plan.

He said the last phase includes the installation of strategically positioned security cameras within the building.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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