Crews at vegetation fire in Horowhenua

A woman who lives next to a large vegetation blaze in Horowhenua says she was worried her home, or properties nearby, would go up in flames.

The blaze is under control and firefighters are in the final stages of extinguishing it.

Caroline Beaufort-Puna lives next to the property where the blaze broke out, and said the windy day worsened its impact.

“I was pretty terrified, actually. Mainly because we have … huge poplar trees, and they’re quite flammable.

“And I thought, ‘Gosh, you only need to get the wind come westward towards us and a few sparks in our trees, and that would go up and our house would probably go up’.”

Although the blaze was under control, Beaufort-Puna said she would still struggle to sleep tonight with several smaller fires still alight.

Fire and Emergency was alerted to the fire on Waikawa Beach Road about 4pm.

At its peak, the fire was burning over an area of 800 by 500 metres and nine crews from Ōtaki, Levin, Te Horo and Wellington were in attendance.

Two helicopters with monsoon buckets have been stood down for the night.

The nine crews were expected to continue work overnight.

Local business owner Kelly Henry said the property where the fire started contained forestry slash, dead gorse and cows.

Horowhenua currently has no restrictions on open fires.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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