Dog in a flap collars top comedy pet pic prize

Gravity-defying cats, gurning donkeys and dogs in a flap all feature in this year’s Comedy Pet Photo Awards.

But a dog trying to squeeze through a small cat flap squeezed in as winner in a tight competition.

Sarah Haskell snared 2024 top prize for her photo titled, “Not just for the cats!”

The winning image was up against some fierce competition from seemingly headless horses to a dancing dog and gravity-defying cats.

Haskell said she was thrilled to have been crowned this year’s winner.

“I am delighted that Hector and I have been part of it, and am tremendously proud to be a winner.”

In its fifth year, the annual photo competition aims to highlight the positive and vital role that pets have in our lives.

Six judges determined the winner of the overall best photo based on “technical excellence” and the “amusing content and caption”.

Here’s the winning image alongside the other category winners and finalists.

Not just for cats — Hector decided to give the cat flap a try.

Cat category winner

The Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2024
Kenichi Morinaga
Cat in a trap. Like a Super Mario.

Horse winner

I think I saw a mouse.

All other creatures

Edgar chomping on a gertrude jekyll rose.

Pets who look like their owners

Ludo von Lickenface alongside his guardian David.

Junior category

Benji was exhausted after sprinting around the field.

Highly commended

Kitty in the kitchen

Nosey Neighbours

Dancing queen

I believe I can fly.


According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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