East Sepik needs help says governor – ‘1000 homes lost’ in PNG earthquake

The governor of East Sepik Allan Bird is calling for urgent help from the United States and other international partners following a magnitude 6.9 earthquake on Sunday.

Medical and emergency assistance is needed in the PNG province following the quake with at least three people reported, including two children, and many are injured.

The US Geological Survey said it was magnitude 6.9 and just over 40 kilometres deep.

The is a second blow for the province, already dealing with widespread flooding last week.

East Sepik governor Bird said they wish to purchase 5000 water filters and buckets from the USA, and they hope the US Embassy can assist in flying them over urgently.

“While dealing with widespread flooding, earlier today we were rocked by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that has damaged most parts of the province. So far around 1000 homes have been lost. We are still assessing the impact and are collecting reports as I write this so the final count could be much higher.”

He said like all Papua New Guineans, Sepiks are resilient people and they will rebuild.

Samaritan Aviation has been providing help to remote and vulnerable communities in upper, middle and lower Sepik.

Bird said there are “several” and so far around 1000 homes have been lost, while they continue assessing the impact of damage.

He is asked for the US Embassy to provide water filters and buckets for clean drinking water; and welcomes support from other international partners.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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