FIFA to promote ‘non-partisan, non-political’ relations between Fiji and Indonesia

The governments of Fiji and Indonesia have taken another step to boost cooperation after launch of the Fiji-Indonesia Friendship Association (FIFA) to mark five decades of diplomatic relations.

Fijian President Ratu Wiliame Katonivere launched FIFA in Suva on Tuesday, saying the association will “strengthen the alliance between our two nations”.

Fiji and Indonesia began their diplomatic relations in 1974.

Ratu Katonivere Fiji shares diplomatic relations with a number of nations, critical to fostering international cooperation, promoting peace and stability, and advancing mutual interests.

“The Republic of Fiji and the Republic of Indonesia share mutual links in ethnicity, language, culture, and shared development goals,” he said.

“This elevated effort [FIFA] will further seal existing ties that will unleash joint capabilities to working together for common interests, as well as connecting the region of Southeast Asia with Small Island Developing States such as Fiji.

“The FIFA platform will be exclusively driven by the Association, promoting a friendly non-partisan and non-political relation between the peoples of the Republic of Fiji and the Republic of Indonesia.”

He said FIFA boost the exchange of views on matters of mutual interest between the two nations, uptake recommendations to governments and other stakeholders, as well as conduct agreed programmes and activities.

“The Fiji-Indonesia Friendship Association welcomes collaboration and support from governments, civil society organizations, the private sector, scholars, community leaders, and relevant stakeholders,” he added.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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