Fifth baby tuatara found at Invercargill demolition site

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A fifth baby tuatara has been discovered hiding in an abandoned enclosure in Invercargill where four of the tiny reptiles were unexpectedly found.

The baby was found during a careful sweep, which included thermal imaging, undertaken in the wake of last week’s shock discovery.

Last Wednesday, a contractor working on Invercargill’s museum demolition spotted a baby tuatara in an area formerly used for the animals.

Three more babies were later found hiding in the soil.

One of four baby tuatara discovered this week in Invercargill. It was a

The four tuatara ranged in size from 11 to 12cm and weighed between five and nine grams, meaning they were likely less than one year old.

Invercargill City Council parks and performance manager Kate Gough was confident all the baby tuatara had now been found.

“We’re confident that we have completed a full and comprehensive inspection over the past week and a half and this was the last baby hiding,” she said.

The baby tuatara were currently in a temporary home within the new tuatara facility at Queens Park and would be on display for the public tomorrow.

“While we have yet to determine the future home for these unexpected new additions, we are excited to give the public the opportunity to see them at our opening event on Saturday.”

– Otago Daily Times

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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