Government fails to pass everything it wanted under post-Budget urgency

Opposition parties have been able to delay the government passing three bills overnight under urgency.

The government has been trying to pass several bills over the past few days, including five related to the Budget. Those five passed, but due to delays inflicted by Labour and the Green Party, the other three have been put off.

They dealt with changes to the Forests Act, ACC and the Land Transport (Clean Vehicle Standard) Amendment Bill.

National MP Chris Bishop said the opposition was taking an obstructionist approach, but admitted National used similar tactics when they were not in power.

“It’s mildly annoying but look, that’s Parliament and, you know, the opposition only has limited opportunities to express their frustration with the government, so I’m relatively relaxed about it.

“We had a great time in the House. We had all of our new MPs there for most of the time.”

The government initially wanted to debate nine bills through three stages each, for a total of 27 stages. By Friday, only six had been completed.

The post-Budget urgency period ended at midnight on Saturday night with four stages left to go.

The House does not sit on Sundays, and has now risen until 25 June.

RNZ’s The House programme reported in March the coalition government passed more bills under urgency in its first few months than most governments do in their entire three-year terms, calling it “not normal”.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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