Live: First exit poll shows landslide for Labour as voting closes in British election

The first exit poll after UK polling booths closed minutes ago is showing a landslide for Labour, ending the Tories’ long reign.

The BBC exit poll predicts Labour will win 410 seats to the Conservatives’ 131 under Britain’s First Past the Post system.

Voters in the UK are casting their ballots in a national election to choose the 650 MPs who will sit in Parliament for the next five years.

After 14 years in power under five different prime ministers, Sunak’s Conservatives are widely expected to lose to the main opposition party, the left-of-centre Labour Party led by Keir Starmer. Sunak’s party has struggled to reassure voters on issues including the rising cost of living and a crisis in the National Health Service.

Polls opened at 7am (Thursday 6pm NZ time) and closed at 10pm on Thursday night (9am this morning NZ time).

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According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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