National raised $10.4m in donations in 2023

Political parties have now fully disclosed the donations they received last year – with National getting more than double the cash of any other party.

The Electoral Commission [

updated its figures this afternoon], having collected donation paperwork for sums under $20,000.

Sums above this figure have to be declared straight away.

The National Party received $10.4 million in total party donations last year.

Labour got the second largest amount at $4.8m, followed closely by the ACT Party on $4.3m.

The Green Party received $3.3m, New Zealand First $1.9m and Te Paati Māori $161,000.

National’s largest cash donor was Auckland businessman Warren Lewis, who gave the party $500,000 and its second largest was from billionaire Graeme Hart who gave $150,000.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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