No more free GP visits for adults, some teens with Covid-related illness

From next week, people aged 14 and over will have to pay for Covid-related visits to the GP.

Health New Zealand / Te Whatu Ora said it was part of the plan for Covid-19 to be managed in a similar way to other communicable diseases from July.

Health NZ living well director Dr Martin Hefford said some funded services would remain available to help with the prevention and management of Covid-19 through the winter months.

Vaccinations will still be free, as will antivirals for those who qualify.

The government this month also extended the deadline of free Covid rapid antigen tests (RATs) until the end of September.

“Vaccination against Covid-19 is our first line of defence against the virus,” Hefford said.

“We encourage people to ensure everyone in their whānau keeps up to date with their Covid-19 vaccine and all other available vaccinations.”

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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