Papua New Guinea squatters warned forced evictions coming late next week

Nearly 5000 people are still to vacate an illegal settlement in Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby before police forcibly remove them.

There are an estimated 1000 families at the Bush Wara site, which the owner, superannuation provider Nambawan Super Limited, plans to develop into a suburb with proper utilities.

Nambawan has owned the 200 hectare site for more than 30 years and has court approval for the squatters to be removed.

The site is valued to be about 90 million kina (about US$23m).

It advised in late April that the settlers would have until mid July to leave the site or be forcibly removed.

The Post-Courier reports only ten families have left voluntarily.

Central Police commander Peter Guinness said police have been undertaking awareness over the past three months to ensure the settlers know they need to adhere to the court order or risk forced eviction.

“We encourage the settlers to use the remaining time now to dismantle their building material and remove their personal belongings, so that they can use it elsewhere,” he said.

Nambawan chief executive Paul Sayer said in total about 5000 people would be affected.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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