Police no longer searching water for man who went overboard from Wellington ferry, focus on shoreline

Police say there is no active water search for a man who is believed to have gone overboard on a Wellington Harbour ferry on Friday.

Instead they say they are searching the shoreline.

A water search will recommence if further information comes to light, police said in a statement.

The East By West ferry was travelling towards Days Bay, Eastbourne from Queens Wharf and left just after 6am on Friday.

The man was the only passenger onboard, and was no longer on board when the vessel reached the dock.

Police, Coastguard and other vessels searched the harbour all day on Friday, but police temporarily suspended the search in the evening, pending a review.

They still have not identified the man, and are calling on the public for information.

He is described as in his 40’s, fair skinned, around 180cm tall with darker hair.

He was wearing a dark jacket with a zip and dark pants.

Police want to hear from anyone who knows someone matching this description who hasn’t returned home as expected.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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