Royal Australian Mint to release Bluey-themed Dollarbucks coins

By Charlotte Gore

Royal Australian Mint to release Bluey-themed Dollarbucks coins

One dollar coins featuring Bluey will be released by the Royal Australian Mint on Thursday.

The 2024 Bluey Dollarbucks are a collection of three colourful coins that feature Bluey on her own, the Heeler family together, and Bingo and Bluey dressed up as The Grannies.

The Dollarbucks will be available for sale as individual coin cards or in a three-coin set with a sticker sheet.

Mint chief executive Leigh Gordon said the Bluey limited-run program was an opportunity to get Australians involved in coin collection in the same way coins featuring the Wiggles, Squiggle or Playschool were in the past.

“This is the mint’s classic storytelling and social culture commentary through coins,” Gordon said.

“We hope that through this new Bluey program we are cultivating the coin collector of tomorrow.

“What better way to start your child’s or grandchild’s coin collection, than with a Bluey coin?”

Royal Australian Mint to release Bluey-themed Dollarbucks coins

Kate O’Connor, the BBC Studios director of brands and licensing ANZ – which handles the creation of Bluey products – said the coins captured the “playful essence” of Bluey.

“Bluey is set to shine on this new Dollarbucks coin collection, marking the first-ever Bluey coins,” she said.

“These fun and colourful coins encapsulate the playful essence of the beloved TV series, making them a timeless treasure for fans and collectors alike.”

And O’Connor said the collection would feature an Easter egg also hidden in episodes of Bluey.

“Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the hidden long dogs,” she said.

Due to the expected popularity of the coins, the Mint has encouraged people to register for an online ballot.

The coins will hit shelves on Thursday at the temporary mint coin shop, and will also be available from some licensed distributors.


According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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