‘Senior portfolios’ expected to be taken up by Sogavare’s group in new Solomons government

A veteran Solomon Islands journalist says people in the country expect the last 12 portfolios in this government will go to ‘Our Party’ MPs.

Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele unveiled the first line-up of 11 ministers over the weekend.

His administration, which calls itself the Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUT), is made up of three parties; his own Our Party is the largest followed by Manasseh Maelanga’s People’s First Party and Jamie Vokia’s Kandere Party.

Dorothy Wickham told RNZ Pacific there is a lot of chatter on social media about the remaining portfolios.

“[I was] just scrolling through and reading up all the comments and forums [on social media]. I think that the next group will be made up more of the ‘Our Party’ grouping because these seem to be the more senior portfolios, like the minister of finance, foreign affairs and all these portfolios,” she said.

“I think they are going to be looking at their more experienced and their core group to be holding onto these portfolios.”

Another 12 ministers are set to be sworn in shortly, including the ministries of finance and treasury, and infrastructure and development.

She said the reaction from Solomon Islanders to the newly sworn-in ministers in Solomon Islands was mixed.

But Wickham said one appointment over the weekend drew some criticism.

“I think there was some disappointment expressed by some people about a particular minister who got his past portfolio which is the Minister for Mines and Energy.

“I think people were expecting someone new in that but they have given to the same member of Parliament again, so you could see it in social media, a lot of people talking about it and being disappointed.”

She said the new Minister for the Ministry of Public Service, John Tuhaika, who was at the World Bank, and is one to keep an eye on.

“He has a good track record, in terms of work integrity so we are hoping to see good things come out of him.

“He has a good permanent secretary working with him. I think he will achieve a lot..he’s also young and first time in Parliament and in politics too. He’ll be a person to watch.”

She said she is not surprised at the line-up of the newly sworn-in 11 ministers as several independent MPs were pulled in to form this government, and this line-up reflects that.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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