Smith & Caughey’s cyber attack effects still continue

Smith & Caughey’s is still dealing with the effects of a cyber attack it suffered on the day it announced its plans to close, its chairman says.

A “response team of digital experts” had worked to ensure the stores could reopen in the days following, Smith & Caughey’s chairperson Tony Caughey said.

However, the attack was having ongoing effects on parts of the business.

He said the limitations on its operations were due to a temporary solution being used on its point of sale.

It could not process any refunds or exchanges in-store, he said.

It could only accept cash, eftpos and credit cards for purchases in-store.

More options were available for payment online but gift cards were temporarily not being accepted.

While investigations continued, a third party was monitoring for any signs of customer or other data being made available online, Caughey said.

“At this stage, this monitoring has not identified any signs that data has been leaked or otherwise made available.”

Caughey said it had been an emotional time for staff.

On 29 May, the department store revealed its plan to shut its physical and online stores.

The department store, which has been in business for about 144 years, said its proposal would be under consultation with staff for about five weeks.

More than 200 staff would be affected by the closure.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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