Solomon Islands: More than half of the MPs in new parliament facing election petitions

Twenty-eight electoral petitions challenging the results of the April Solomon Islands elections are now with the High Court.

On 17 April, the Solomon Islands conducted its first joint election of provincial and national candidates.

The Solomon Islands deputy High Court registrar Jack Taloifuila said there are two petitions against provincial members, and the other 26 are against current Members of Parliament.

Taloifualia said that means more than half of the MPs in the 50-seat parliament have electoral petitions against them.

He said some key figures in the government are being challenged in the petitions.

“Former prime minister Manasseh Sogavare, the current deputy prime minister Bradley Tovosia, former prime minister Rick Hou, and one against a former deputy prime minister Manaessah Maelanga, he said.

Election petition cases in Solomon Islands must be disposed of within 12 months following the election according to the law.

Taloifuila said the first petition will be mentioned in court on 24 June.

If a petition is successful in court, the court will then rule on a by-election which will then follow.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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