Solomon Islands new PM Jeremiah Manele expected to finalise cabinet this weekend

Solomon Islands new Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele expects to have his cabinet lineup finalised over the weekend.

As the head of a coalition that is effectively seeing the return of the former government there will be a few familiar names.

The biggest question is what ministry the former prime minister Manasseh Sogavare will be given after he stepped aside to allow Jeremiah Manele to become prime minister.

Manele himself was the former foreign affairs minister so that is one ministry that will most likely have a new head.

The former minister for women Lanelle Tanangada did not recontest her seat this year so there will be a new minister for women.

Among the rank and file there is Harry Kuma who was the former minister of finance a portfolio that Manasseh Sogavare has also previously held.

But apart from the usual suspects the reality is almost half of the MPs in the last parliament were voted out at these elections.

And Manele’s Our Party was at the receiving end of a lot of those ejections and had to recruit a lot of newly elected independent MPs to be able to form government. So there will also be a lot of fresh new faces in his cabinet lineup when it is revealed next week.

Stop posting inciting content – police warn

Meanwhile, the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) is appealing to social media users to stop inciting posts on Facebook.

The RSIPF said some Facebook users posted some hateful and inflammatory posts that were going viral targeting certain people and provinces after the election of prime minister on Thursday.

Commissioner Mostyn Mangau is calling on people who used fake Facebook accounts to stop doing that, RSIPF said in a statement.

“Sharing and screen shots of those inciting posts should be stopped.”

Mangau said people should not resort to any means that will create violence among our people.

Commissioner Mostyn Mangau

“Online users stop inciting violent posts. This is a crime despite whatever medium you use. Do not post online comments that encourage any crimes.

He is calling on all citizens, including chiefs, elders, church leaders, women, men and youth leaders “to understand that we are one people despite the different ethnic groups we come from”.

“Let us continue to show respect for one another and maintain peace as we are a Christian loving country,” Mangau said.

“We are so rich in one common Christian values and cultural ways of doing things. We are one united Solomon Islanders. Stop discriminating against one another but love and care for each other as one people.”

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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