Spark tight-lipped over job cuts after restructure meeting

Telecommunications giant Spark is remaining tight-lipped over how many jobs it plans to cut after a restructure meeting with its staff on Thursday morning.

In a statement, a spokesperson said the organisation did not have an overall number to share, and areas would change depending on if it wanted to invest in growth or look to see how it could be more efficient.

“We are not confirming details on specific role changes within individual teams or the details of consultations we are having with our people. Changes to our operating model will look different in different parts of the business.”

Spark said its meeting shared a range of measures to look at how to improve efficiency.

That included its own operating model redesign, AI and automation, ongoing simplification, and digitising customer journeys.

It said it would consult with its staff on the proposed changes.

Spark’s annual 2023 report showed around 5432 people work with the telco.

Some of the roles being axed include up to nine people working at 111 call centres.

However, Spark confirmed it would not be closing any of its 111 offices in the country.

Spark refused to comment on how many staff were affected by the 111 cuts and where the cuts were happening in the country but told RNZ it was single digits.

“We take our 111 operational responsibilities very seriously and would not make any changes that would undermine our ability to continue operating this service effectively,” the statement said.

“We have increased the size of our 111 teams for a range of reasons over the past few years, including to ensure we could respond to elevated demand during the Covid-19 pandemic. “

Spark joins a list of businesses including its rivals ONE NZ who are also facing job cuts.

“The changes we are making today will reduce rostering in areas where we are over-resourced and bring us back to normalised pre-Covid levels.”

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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