Tuvalu to launch information campaign on treaty with Australia due to misinformation

The Tuvalu government is expected to launch an educational programme on its Australia-Tuvalu Falepili Union treaty.

Last year, Australia and Tuvalu signed the treaty, a key feature of which is a new migration pathway for Tuvaluans to Australia.

Australia’s Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, was in Tuvalu this week where she and her Tuvalu counterpart Paulson Panapa signed the explanatory memorandum for the treaty.

This will serve as a crucial document in clarifying the terms and opportunities presented by the treaty to both Australian and Tuvaluan populations.

Australia's Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, and Tuvalu's Foreign Minister, Paulson Panapa.

Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Feleti Teo admits there has been some misinformation about it in the community.

“But one message I tell my citizens and whoever listens to me is there is no compulsion, no one is to go into a refugee camp under this arrangement as some people prefer to educate and misguide the Tuvalu public.”

Teo said his people need to know about the treaty and their rights regarding it.

The prime minister said his Cabinet is committed to the treaty with Australia.

“And the new government has committed to the broad principle of it and it has also committed to pursue ratification of that treaty.”

Teo thanked the previous administration of Tuvalu for their courage and foresight in pursuing this arrangement.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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