US man found guilty of attempting to export $50m of meth to New Zealand

A US man who attempted to export methamphetamine to New Zealand worth approximately $50 million has been found guilty in a Los Angeles court.

Benjamin Mensah, 51, was charged with conspiracy to distribute the drug and its attempted exportation using a false-bottomed crate containing automotive parts.

US Homeland Security said Mensah and others packaged, concealed and conspired to export methamphetamine to foreign countries, including New Zealand and Australia between October 2022 to October 2023.

There was 263kg of pure meth discovered in vacuum-sealed bags.

Homeland Security said authorities sent a mock-shipment of the drug to the New Zealand address on the delivery and police in New Zealand arrested seven people.

It said those arrested all were either members or close associates of the Killer Beez, which Homeland Security describes as a violent gang founded in New Zealand.

Mensah will be sentenced on 4 October 2024 when he will face a mandatory minimum sentence of 10-years in a federal prison and a statutory maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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