Victoria University lecturer says New Zealand framing China as ‘the devil’ insincere

An international relations lecturer says New Zealand’s framing of China in the perceived Pacific geopolitical struggle is “disingenuous”.

Victoria University of Wellington’s Dr Iati Iati said one example is the lack of substance behind the notion that China is militarising the Pacific region.

He said NZ’s National Security Strategy frames Beijing within a “threat” narrative.

“There are no angels in geopolitical competition,” he said.

“But to frame one country in particular as the devil, that’s disingenuous, especially because the Pacific island countries know that is not the case,” he said.

“So unfortunately, New Zealand is caught within this tension between China on one side, and let’s say the Anglo-American Alliance on the other side.”

Victoria University's Nanai Anae Dr Iati Iati.

Massey University Associate Professor, Dr Anna Powles, agrees that Pacific leaders have been calling for cooperation in the region which does not undermine Pacific priorities.

However, she said there are clear examples where China has been a disruptive actor in the Pacific security sector, particularly in Solomon Islands.

“At the heart of what the Pacific Islands Forum and Pacific countries and scholars are saying is that geopolitics in general is disruptive.

“Therefore, the solutions need to be Pacific led,” Powles added.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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