Wellington councillors agree to more transport planning around CBD

Wellington councillors will not be putting the Golden Mile project on hold, but they have committed to more transport planning for the central business district.

The controversial, $139 million Golden Mile redevelopment was part of the now disestablished Let’s Get Wellington Moving transport programme. It will see private cars removed between Lambton Quay and Courtenay Place, and provide cycling, walking and bus improvements.

After Let’s Get Wellington Moving was canned, Golden Mile was brought under control of the city council. It is being considered as part of the council’s long term plan, which is set to be finalised at the end of the month.

On Thursday, a notice of motion put forward by city councillor Tony Randle and backed up by six other councillors was put before council.

It asked the council to create an integrated transport plan for the central city before any further design work or contracts are signed, which council staff said would have put the Golden Mile work on hold.

It also asked for the council to work with the regional council on an option to add more bus capacity along the Golden Mile.

Council officers recommended to not agree to the notice of motion as they believed it will be highly unlikely council would be able to adopt its long term plan by 1 July which is the date it needs to come into force under the law.

But, after a series of long discussions between council staff and councillors it was agreed that work could be done on an integrated transport plan that council officers would report back on by 30 September.

It was also agreed that staff would work with the regional council to provide bus capacity advice as part of the integrated transport plan.

Council staff assured Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau that the changes would not delay the delivery of the Golden Mile redevelopment.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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