Winston Peters gives China speech amid legal drama and AUKUS questions

Foreign Minister Winston Peters has brushed off concerns about a threat of legal action by a former senior Australian politician saying: “I’ve got a right to say what I said”.

Peters gave a speech on the NZ-China relationship on Friday, against a backdrop of former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr saying he’s taking legal action against Peters for comments Peters made on Thursday.

Peters’ speech emphasised the importance of New Zealand’s relationship with China, and China’s significance on the world stage.

It also highlighted points of tension between the countries, such as human rights, cyber attacks, recent activity in the South China Sea, and “hardening rhetoric across the Taiwan Strait”.

Peters also brushed off concerns about the legal situation with Carr, saying it wasn’t his first “rodeo” and he’s doubtful the legal action will go any further.

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According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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