All female Pacific crew set to sail Hinemoana II for research on whales

An all female Pacific-crewed expedition is to set sail from New Zealand’s North Island for scientific research on whale populations.

The Hinemoana II is set to leave the Bay of Plenty in mid-July and arrive in Tongatapu by the 20th, and co-led by Tongan Captain Aunofo Havea.

“This voyage is a chance to weave together ancestral wisdom with scientific research, to ensure the health of our oceans and the whales that grace them,” she said.

The Tongan Voyaging Society, which partners with Te Whānau ā Apanui and Conservation International Aotearoa on this project, said throughout the journey, the crew will conduct scientific research on whale populations and integrate traditional knowledge into their practices.

The Society said this unique blend of science and cultural wisdom holds immense potential for advancing understanding and protection of the marine environment.

Fealofani Bruun, the first Sāmoan woman to qualify as a yacht master, will be adding her expertise in traditional navigation as co-captain of the Hinemoana II.

She said the expedition is groundbreaking.

“We are not only an all-female Pacific crew, but we are also forging a path for future generations of ocean guardians by combining indigenous knowledge with modern science to protect our whales.”

Mere Takoko, Vice President of Conservation International Aotearoa, said the data collected by the Hinemoana II will be instrumental in advocating for the legal personhood of whales, a cause championed by the Māori King Tūheitia.

According to the news on Radio New Zealand

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